2023-2-25 Thank you for your purchase at Marukai Hawaii!

The Shimane Fair was a great success!
From our company, the president went to Marukai Hawaii and offered tastings of pickles.
Many customers said, “I’ve been waiting for this!” and I was very happy to see so many people tasting Japanese pickles.

The most popular pickles were “pickled eggplant”.
Japanese eggplant has a soft skin and they say it is very tasty.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next February!


2023-01-23 The Shimane Fair is coming to Hawaii in February 2023!

Fresh pickles will be delivered by air from Shimane to Hawaii.
Old pickles made from vegetables grown in Shimane Prefecture will also be sold.
Please come and try our nostalgic Japanese pickles!

Store Marukai Wholesale Mart – Japanese Asian Grocery Store in Hawaii
Date Wednesday, February 15 – Tuesday, February 21
Products for sale Lightly pickled nappa cabbage
Lightly pickled eggplant
Pickled mix vegetables(Nukaduke assort)
Pickled Japanese Scallion
Pickled cucumber in soy sauce

 The photo is an image.

Store Don Quijote (USA) Pearl
Don Quijote (USA) Waipahu
Don Quijote (USA) Kaheka
TIMES Kaneohe
Date Wednesday, February 8 – Tuesday, March 7
Products for sale Pickled cucumber in soy sauce
Pickled mix vegetables(Nukaduke assort)
Izumo pickled Furikake(Shiso&Umeboshi)
Pickled Japanese Scallion

On February 17-19 we will also be at the Marukai Hawaii store.
At the store, there will be many delicious Shimane foods for sale, including Izumo soba noodles, sweets, seafood, and tea.
We look forward to seeing you there.

2022-12-01 Website uploaded.

2019-09-11 We exhibited our fresh Asazuke pickles in Hawaii.

”Japanese pickles are so delicious!” We received many comments of delight.